Skulls & Shackles [Pathfinder]

Session 4

Crabbing & Pirating!

Waking up the day after encountering a Storm that almost took Jack Scrimshaw's life, the party was both weary and concerned as to where they stood amongst the crew. How will Mister Plugg and Master Scourge respond to their failed mutiny? How will the rest of the crew respond? Will their new found friends, Ambrose "Fishguts" Kroop & Sandra Quinn, turn their backs on the party? A failed mutiny, typically, does little to indenture friendly feelings between the crew and the would-be mutineers and is an obvious concern of the party.

The party quickly finds out that: although they have become persona-non-grata among the crew of the Wormwood, their friends have not abandoned them entirely. Opting to keep their alliance more covert and secretive due to the party's new found social status, Quinn & company are still siding with the party over Captain Barnabas Harrigan. However, the party now finds themselves doing the most difficult tasks on the boat and with little to no social status as well. Cleaning out the bilge, scraping barnacles off the side of the boat, raising and lowering the anchor by hand, and anything else that either Plugg or Scourge decided they didn't want to do, they party had to do. 

This went on for one day until the party got pulled from their duties and ordered to gather crab from a nearby coral reef for the Captain's feast later that night. Brad was insightful enough to realize that, although technically possible, this method of catching crab is hard and slow work and probably designed by Scourge as further punishment. Resigned to their task at hand, the party leaps off the boat and makes their way to the reef. Kyrinn, with his elven grace and dexterity, easily made it to the reef while Cadmus was lucky enough to make the 100 yard swim without drowning.

During their search for the Captain's crab feast, the party encountered two Reefclaws: small – albeit fierce – territorial predators who didn't take too kindly to the party's intervention into their hunting grounds. After some fierce fighting, and some crafty magical intervention from Cadmus, Brad, and Kyrinn, the party finally defeated the crustaceans with some deft strikes from both Ragnar and Mold. 

After dragging their bounty back to the Wormwood, the party continued their normal tasks. Jerim, trying to instill some good-will among the crew, boasted about their up-coming feast to any, and all, that would listen. However, Jerim's bragging proved to be in vain due to a combination for Kroop's drunken uselessness combined and Cadmus' inability to cook Crab properly. Although, this event did provide Cadmus an opportunity to provide the officer's their meal, a task normal assigned to Kroop. Upon delivering the crab to the Captain's quarters, Cadmus took note of a crew member they have never seen before: The Captain's cabin girl, Caulky

After a few more nights travel south into the Fever Sea, that party passes further into the boarder between the Slithering Coast and the Mwangi Expanse colony of Sargava with no explanation or reason given. Eventually, the party comes upon their first sight of another vessel since Port Peril and a chance to do some real Pirating. After about one day of chasing their prey, the Wormwood finally gets within striking distance of the ship: a Rahadoum merchant vessel. After being ordered to prepare for boarding, the party is given their orders from Riaris Krine: take the wheel of the Rahadoumi vessel and don't let anyone take it from you! 

Finally, the actual boarding begins and the party gets their first real taste of pirating. Blood, guts, death, and fear run rampant among the merchant's crew and their, obviously under-prepared, soldiers. 

The party finds themselves aboard the Rahadomui vessel and in the heat of battle! What lies in store for the new found pirates? We will find out soon enough!


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