Mister Plugg

Scheming and conniving first mate



Mr. Plugg is the Wormwood’s bullying and sadistic first
mate. He is Captain Barnabas Harrigan‘s second-in-command, and
his word is law on deck. Plugg is a younger, balding man with a long black ponytail, wearing a long coat and carrying a well-used cat-o’-nine-tails. Due to the party’s short lived rebellion, he now carries a scar down the middle of his chest.

Plugg has never been welcoming to the party, however, recent events have made his contempt even more overt. Harsh glares and soft spoken words can be gleamed ever so often, indicating a simmering rage towards the party. The recent chest scar acquired from Mold has only served to increase Plugg’s obvious contempt for the party.


A fast rising “star” among the Pirating Crew of the Wormwood, Plugg has shown a almost zealot like devotion to Barnabas Harrigan. This has allowed him to rise to his current position in a relatively short 11 months.

Ambitious, angry, and sadistic (even for Pirate standards) seems to be common impressions of Plugg amongst the crew. At the tender age of 21, not much is known about what would have driven Plugg to his current demeanor, but none of that matters much when his Cat-O-Nine Tales is drawn.


If Master Scourge is a bastard, then Mr. Plugg is his mother and father. One piece of advice—do as he says.

First mate? He’s barely been on board a year! The apple of the captain’s eye, that one. Harrigan treats him like a son—but not a legitimate one, of course.

That cutlass of his is magical, see, no doubt about that, and he wields that cat like it was his own arm. I’ve seen him using both in combat. Despite his pettish looks, he’s some fighter by all accounts.

Mister Plugg

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