Owlbear Hartshorn

Simpleton & "Pet" of Plugg



Although he is technically an officer on the Wormwood Owlbear Hartshorn is little more then an oversized sentry into the officer quarters. Owlbear is a hulking brute of a man who with meaty fists and has a strength that rivals his name-sake.

A simpleton who has the mental acuity of a child, Owlbear has become the ship’s cruel sense of entertainment. Routinely “encouraged” to put himself into painful and humiliating ways, Owlbear seems to do whatever the crew asks of him. He can be found eating live crabs and chained up protecting the path from the main hold into the Officer Quarters.

After being forced to fight the party in open combat, Ragnar showed him mercy and choose not beat Owlbear unconscious. Mercy being a foreign concept to Owlbear, little is known on how he will react but he seems to have taken favor with both Brad and Ragnar.


The exact how & why that brought Owlbear onto the Wormwood remains a mystery, and few have bothered to ask. While his size and stature suggests a life of hard labor, his mental state suggests a life of manipulation and abuse.

Owlbear Hartshorn

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