Skulls & Shackles [Pathfinder]

Session 5
The Beginning or the Ending?

The party finds themselves amid the chaos, death, fog, and fighting that is a pirate attack! Random cries of pain and fear pierce the thick fog encompassing the party. Crossbow bolts whiz by and forcefully land into the deck of the Ship. Metal clangs against metal. A scene that any average person would be fortunate enough to survive at all. However, the party had different thoughts.

The party began their mission quickly and with deadly force: Ragnar and Mold took the brunt of the attention and sword strikes, with Mold injuring his own leg in the fracus, while Brad was able to quickly flank their Rhadomui Sailors and show that he is just as skilled with his dagger as he is with his banjo. Not to be out done by their more martially focused companions; Cadmus, KyrinnJerim all began to pepper their new found enemies with arcane blasts of energy. 

After deftly clearing out both the aft deck and the sterncastle, the party took notice of their opportunity. Captain Barnabas Harrigan flanked by Riaris KrineKipper walking directly underneath them towards the captain's quarters. This was their opportunity to either impress the captain with their combat prowess or to strike while he is vulnerable.

Cadmus, sensing this opportunity and being the closest person to Harrigan, made the first strike attempting fatigue the captain. Unfazed at the feeble attempt, Harrigan continued his advance into the ship's captain's quarters with his two guards. Sensing that Harrigan might not take his, objectively misguided, action to well, Cadmus made his way back onto the Wormwood when he was struck with an idea. An idea made of equal parts testicular fortitude and desperation: separate the two boats from each other and make a run for it! 

For whatever reason, the rest of the party noticed their chance and all sprang into action at once. With their window of opportunity quickly closing, Ragnar franticly tries to break the things holding the two ships together. Just as time was ticking down, Ragnar was successful in getting the Wormwood untied and the party was off!

Although they were given a short head start, their lack of real sailing experience or expertise combined with being severally short handed, Harrigan was closing in quickly. However, a mistimed explosion rang through the bellow of Harrigan's new ship and causing him to give up on chasing down the party.

After quickly celebrating, and ransacking the cargo hold, the party realizes that Ambrose "Fishguts" Kroop was drunk during the combat and was asleep during their party's recent take on "Manifest Destiny". Equally amazed, scared, and bewildered Ambrose informed the party that the first thing that they must do is to get the boat to a Squibbing opperation near the slithering coast. The place is run by an old friend of his, Rickety Squib, and he's able to alter the look of a ship as to better ensure anonymity. 

Eventually, the party agrees to head to Rickety's but is caught in a storm and blown off course. Run-aground and with a broken water barrel, the party is forced to explore the nameless island that has become their most recent stop in an epic adventure!

Where will they go next? How will the party escape Harrigan's Wraith? Will they continue to sail the high seas? Find out next time!

Session 4
Crabbing & Pirating!

Waking up the day after encountering a Storm that almost took Jack Scrimshaw's life, the party was both weary and concerned as to where they stood amongst the crew. How will Mister Plugg and Master Scourge respond to their failed mutiny? How will the rest of the crew respond? Will their new found friends, Ambrose "Fishguts" Kroop & Sandra Quinn, turn their backs on the party? A failed mutiny, typically, does little to indenture friendly feelings between the crew and the would-be mutineers and is an obvious concern of the party.

The party quickly finds out that: although they have become persona-non-grata among the crew of the Wormwood, their friends have not abandoned them entirely. Opting to keep their alliance more covert and secretive due to the party's new found social status, Quinn & company are still siding with the party over Captain Barnabas Harrigan. However, the party now finds themselves doing the most difficult tasks on the boat and with little to no social status as well. Cleaning out the bilge, scraping barnacles off the side of the boat, raising and lowering the anchor by hand, and anything else that either Plugg or Scourge decided they didn't want to do, they party had to do. 

This went on for one day until the party got pulled from their duties and ordered to gather crab from a nearby coral reef for the Captain's feast later that night. Brad was insightful enough to realize that, although technically possible, this method of catching crab is hard and slow work and probably designed by Scourge as further punishment. Resigned to their task at hand, the party leaps off the boat and makes their way to the reef. Kyrinn, with his elven grace and dexterity, easily made it to the reef while Cadmus was lucky enough to make the 100 yard swim without drowning.

During their search for the Captain's crab feast, the party encountered two Reefclaws: small – albeit fierce – territorial predators who didn't take too kindly to the party's intervention into their hunting grounds. After some fierce fighting, and some crafty magical intervention from Cadmus, Brad, and Kyrinn, the party finally defeated the crustaceans with some deft strikes from both Ragnar and Mold. 

After dragging their bounty back to the Wormwood, the party continued their normal tasks. Jerim, trying to instill some good-will among the crew, boasted about their up-coming feast to any, and all, that would listen. However, Jerim's bragging proved to be in vain due to a combination for Kroop's drunken uselessness combined and Cadmus' inability to cook Crab properly. Although, this event did provide Cadmus an opportunity to provide the officer's their meal, a task normal assigned to Kroop. Upon delivering the crab to the Captain's quarters, Cadmus took note of a crew member they have never seen before: The Captain's cabin girl, Caulky

After a few more nights travel south into the Fever Sea, that party passes further into the boarder between the Slithering Coast and the Mwangi Expanse colony of Sargava with no explanation or reason given. Eventually, the party comes upon their first sight of another vessel since Port Peril and a chance to do some real Pirating. After about one day of chasing their prey, the Wormwood finally gets within striking distance of the ship: a Rahadoum merchant vessel. After being ordered to prepare for boarding, the party is given their orders from Riaris Krine: take the wheel of the Rahadoumi vessel and don't let anyone take it from you! 

Finally, the actual boarding begins and the party gets their first real taste of pirating. Blood, guts, death, and fear run rampant among the merchant's crew and their, obviously under-prepared, soldiers. 

The party finds themselves aboard the Rahadomui vessel and in the heat of battle! What lies in store for the new found pirates? We will find out soon enough!

Session 3
A Storm is Coming!

The party finds themselves 5 days at sea and far away from the relative safety of Port Peril and Jeopardy Bay. After the days work, Mister Plugg & Master Scourge demand that party play a "Game" with the Wormwood's strongman: Owlbear Hartshorn. As his name implies, Owlbear is strong but at the same time, obviously 'not all there' and is mainly used a guard to the main hold's entrance to the Officer's Quarters.

After some debate within the party, they decide on Ragnar to "play" against Owlbear. However, Brad notices that Owlbear is missing sight in his left eye, informs Ragnar of the strongman's disability as such, is able to easily dodge most of Owlbear's blows. Eventually, Owlbear tearfully submits to Ragnar's superiority, much to both Plugg and Scourge's chagrin.

The next day, sensing an opportunity, the party attempts to kill Plugg & Scourge during the morning roll call of the entire crew. Jerim, with the opening salvo, put Pugg to sleep with a well timed Slumber Hex. This provide Mold the opportunity to gravely wound Plugg with a fierce slash to his chest. Feeling their chance at mutiny having never been better than at this moment, the rest of the party joined in the ruckus.

However flashy and obvious the party's attempted mutiny was, the other officers showed little concern towards it, leaving Plugg & Scourge to their own devices. Eventually, Captain Barnabas Harrigan stopped the fight firing a gun into the air as both a display of power and a deterrent. Handing out punishment to both the party and Plugg, the Mutiny was extremely short lived. 

After a few more days at sea, the Wormwood encounters a fierce storm throwing the entire crew into choas. Eventually, Jack Scrimshaw succumbs to the harsh waves of the sea and falls overboard. Sensing his eminent death, not one of the crew steps up to save him and only briefly look to see how quickly he would succumb to Besamara's embrace. However, the party, lead by Mold's strength & Kyrin's magic, the party eventually saves Scrimshaw earning them a quick friend.

What will the party do now that their intent is clear as day? What will Plugg's response be? How will the party deal with their new found friend in Scrimshaw?

Session 2
Getting to know you better

After waking up from the effects of their double dosage of poison, the party adds two more to their number: Jerim & Kyrin. As with the previous party members, pirating life is quickly impressed upon both Jerim and Kyrin. 

After a few days at sea, the party has begin to notice groups have begun to separate themselves from the rest, making their alliances apparent. The party quickly realizes that, although they dream of mutiny, little can be done until they 1). get their equipment back and 2). gather more allies. To that end: the party devlopes a new ally in Cut-Throat Grok. Grok is Ambrose "Fishguts" Kroop's best friend upon the boat and after a solid night of drinking and story-telling between Kroop, Grok, and Ragnar she quickly befriends the rest of the party. 

One of these previously mentioned 'Groups' attempt to delay the party consisting of the Half-Orc Jaundiced Jape, Aretta Bansion, Tam "Narwhal" Tate, & Maheem. The party would have earned themselves a few rope bashings for their tardiness, but a single knock-out punch from Mold prematurely ended the attempted 'hazing', leaving the Half-Orc with a wound to his pride and an even bigger reason to dislike the party. 

In addition to this, after overhearing Jack Scrimshaw complaining to Master Scourge about a nasty bunch rats that were inhibiting his work, the party was ordered to clear the Bilge of the infestation immediately. After dispatching the few Bilge Rats they found, the party discovers additional, unclaimed, items in the bilge that furthered their goal towards mutiny. 

Finally, sensing an opportunity to reclaim his items, and with the help of a well timed musical distraction from Brad, Mold retrieves the party's "misplaced" items from the Quartermaster, Cut-Throat Grok. Realizing that opening carrying these items aboard the ship would be a bad idea, the party hides them in their lockers and awaits their moment for mutiny!

Session 1
Welcome to the Wormwood

Cadmus, Brad, Mold, and Ragnar awaken to find they have all been press-ganged into the pirate life aboard the Wormwood. After being introduced to Captain Barnabas Harrigan, First Mate Mister Plugg, and Master-at-Arms Master Scourge, the party quickly finds themselves as isolated among "Friends". Their equipment has been taken and their options few, they resign themselves to their new lives as pirates!

The party is quickly approached by two women: Sandra Quinn & Rosie Cusswell. After returning some of the party's equipment, both women quickly befriend the party and impress upon them the importance of having alliances upon the Wormwood. "The boat has eyes, ears, and knives, everywhere. Best to have them pointed towards someone else's back then your own". 

The party also gets assigned the jobs of Cook's Mate (Cadmus), Rigger (Ragnar), & Swab (Mold & Brad). These jobs offer little comfort and, due to the limited crew, are more strenuous then usual. Cadmus quickly befriends ship's cook, Ambrose "Fishguts" Kroop, who also proves to be the ship's drunk. However, Fishguts proves to be a valuable tool in both his intimate knowledge of the Wormwood and it's crew as well as his experience on the high seas. That is if Cadmus can ever get him to stay sober for more then an hour.

Little can be foreseen as to how the rest of the party's days upon the Wormwood will shake out, but adventure and danger are 


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