Once the jewel in the crown of the Empire of  Cheliax, today Sargava (pronounced sahr-GAH-vah) has broken away from the motherland and is dependent on the protection of the  Free Captains of the  The Shackles. The ongoing cost of that protection is crippling the former colony, along with serious problems with the indigenous inhabitants.



The region was part of the Mwangi Expanse until 4138 AR, when the region was settled by Chelaxian colonists who imposed their rule on the native population.

In 4606 AR, Aroden the patron deity of Cheliax died. Cheliax descended into three decades of civil war, as the various noble houses fought for supremacy.

Baron Grallus backed House Davian in the war, but Davian’s ambitions were shattered by House Thrune at the Battle of a Hundred Kings. House Thrune eventually won the war in 4640 AR.

A Cheliax fleet sent by House Thrune for revenge on Sargava was sunk in Desperation Bay by the Shackles Pirates in 4643 AR. A second fleet sent in 4660 AR fared little better and Sargava has so far managed to cling on to its fragile independence.

Today the former colony continues to pay the pirates for protection, despite the high cost.


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