Skulls & Shackles [Pathfinder]

Session 1

Welcome to the Wormwood

Cadmus, Brad, Mold, and Ragnar awaken to find they have all been press-ganged into the pirate life aboard the Wormwood. After being introduced to Captain Barnabas Harrigan, First Mate Mister Plugg, and Master-at-Arms Master Scourge, the party quickly finds themselves as isolated among "Friends". Their equipment has been taken and their options few, they resign themselves to their new lives as pirates!

The party is quickly approached by two women: Sandra Quinn & Rosie Cusswell. After returning some of the party's equipment, both women quickly befriend the party and impress upon them the importance of having alliances upon the Wormwood. "The boat has eyes, ears, and knives, everywhere. Best to have them pointed towards someone else's back then your own". 

The party also gets assigned the jobs of Cook's Mate (Cadmus), Rigger (Ragnar), & Swab (Mold & Brad). These jobs offer little comfort and, due to the limited crew, are more strenuous then usual. Cadmus quickly befriends ship's cook, Ambrose "Fishguts" Kroop, who also proves to be the ship's drunk. However, Fishguts proves to be a valuable tool in both his intimate knowledge of the Wormwood and it's crew as well as his experience on the high seas. That is if Cadmus can ever get him to stay sober for more then an hour.

Little can be foreseen as to how the rest of the party's days upon the Wormwood will shake out, but adventure and danger are 


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