Skulls & Shackles [Pathfinder]

Session 2

Getting to know you better

After waking up from the effects of their double dosage of poison, the party adds two more to their number: Jerim & Kyrin. As with the previous party members, pirating life is quickly impressed upon both Jerim and Kyrin. 

After a few days at sea, the party has begin to notice groups have begun to separate themselves from the rest, making their alliances apparent. The party quickly realizes that, although they dream of mutiny, little can be done until they 1). get their equipment back and 2). gather more allies. To that end: the party devlopes a new ally in Cut-Throat Grok. Grok is Ambrose "Fishguts" Kroop's best friend upon the boat and after a solid night of drinking and story-telling between Kroop, Grok, and Ragnar she quickly befriends the rest of the party. 

One of these previously mentioned 'Groups' attempt to delay the party consisting of the Half-Orc Jaundiced Jape, Aretta Bansion, Tam "Narwhal" Tate, & Maheem. The party would have earned themselves a few rope bashings for their tardiness, but a single knock-out punch from Mold prematurely ended the attempted 'hazing', leaving the Half-Orc with a wound to his pride and an even bigger reason to dislike the party. 

In addition to this, after overhearing Jack Scrimshaw complaining to Master Scourge about a nasty bunch rats that were inhibiting his work, the party was ordered to clear the Bilge of the infestation immediately. After dispatching the few Bilge Rats they found, the party discovers additional, unclaimed, items in the bilge that furthered their goal towards mutiny. 

Finally, sensing an opportunity to reclaim his items, and with the help of a well timed musical distraction from Brad, Mold retrieves the party's "misplaced" items from the Quartermaster, Cut-Throat Grok. Realizing that opening carrying these items aboard the ship would be a bad idea, the party hides them in their lockers and awaits their moment for mutiny!


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