Skulls & Shackles [Pathfinder]

Session 3

A Storm is Coming!

The party finds themselves 5 days at sea and far away from the relative safety of Port Peril and Jeopardy Bay. After the days work, Mister Plugg & Master Scourge demand that party play a "Game" with the Wormwood's strongman: Owlbear Hartshorn. As his name implies, Owlbear is strong but at the same time, obviously 'not all there' and is mainly used a guard to the main hold's entrance to the Officer's Quarters.

After some debate within the party, they decide on Ragnar to "play" against Owlbear. However, Brad notices that Owlbear is missing sight in his left eye, informs Ragnar of the strongman's disability as such, is able to easily dodge most of Owlbear's blows. Eventually, Owlbear tearfully submits to Ragnar's superiority, much to both Plugg and Scourge's chagrin.

The next day, sensing an opportunity, the party attempts to kill Plugg & Scourge during the morning roll call of the entire crew. Jerim, with the opening salvo, put Pugg to sleep with a well timed Slumber Hex. This provide Mold the opportunity to gravely wound Plugg with a fierce slash to his chest. Feeling their chance at mutiny having never been better than at this moment, the rest of the party joined in the ruckus.

However flashy and obvious the party's attempted mutiny was, the other officers showed little concern towards it, leaving Plugg & Scourge to their own devices. Eventually, Captain Barnabas Harrigan stopped the fight firing a gun into the air as both a display of power and a deterrent. Handing out punishment to both the party and Plugg, the Mutiny was extremely short lived. 

After a few more days at sea, the Wormwood encounters a fierce storm throwing the entire crew into choas. Eventually, Jack Scrimshaw succumbs to the harsh waves of the sea and falls overboard. Sensing his eminent death, not one of the crew steps up to save him and only briefly look to see how quickly he would succumb to Besamara's embrace. However, the party, lead by Mold's strength & Kyrin's magic, the party eventually saves Scrimshaw earning them a quick friend.

What will the party do now that their intent is clear as day? What will Plugg's response be? How will the party deal with their new found friend in Scrimshaw?


AlexF AlexF

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