Skulls & Shackles [Pathfinder]

Session 5

The Beginning or the Ending?

The party finds themselves amid the chaos, death, fog, and fighting that is a pirate attack! Random cries of pain and fear pierce the thick fog encompassing the party. Crossbow bolts whiz by and forcefully land into the deck of the Ship. Metal clangs against metal. A scene that any average person would be fortunate enough to survive at all. However, the party had different thoughts.

The party began their mission quickly and with deadly force: Ragnar and Mold took the brunt of the attention and sword strikes, with Mold injuring his own leg in the fracus, while Brad was able to quickly flank their Rhadomui Sailors and show that he is just as skilled with his dagger as he is with his banjo. Not to be out done by their more martially focused companions; Cadmus, KyrinnJerim all began to pepper their new found enemies with arcane blasts of energy. 

After deftly clearing out both the aft deck and the sterncastle, the party took notice of their opportunity. Captain Barnabas Harrigan flanked by Riaris KrineKipper walking directly underneath them towards the captain's quarters. This was their opportunity to either impress the captain with their combat prowess or to strike while he is vulnerable.

Cadmus, sensing this opportunity and being the closest person to Harrigan, made the first strike attempting fatigue the captain. Unfazed at the feeble attempt, Harrigan continued his advance into the ship's captain's quarters with his two guards. Sensing that Harrigan might not take his, objectively misguided, action to well, Cadmus made his way back onto the Wormwood when he was struck with an idea. An idea made of equal parts testicular fortitude and desperation: separate the two boats from each other and make a run for it! 

For whatever reason, the rest of the party noticed their chance and all sprang into action at once. With their window of opportunity quickly closing, Ragnar franticly tries to break the things holding the two ships together. Just as time was ticking down, Ragnar was successful in getting the Wormwood untied and the party was off!

Although they were given a short head start, their lack of real sailing experience or expertise combined with being severally short handed, Harrigan was closing in quickly. However, a mistimed explosion rang through the bellow of Harrigan's new ship and causing him to give up on chasing down the party.

After quickly celebrating, and ransacking the cargo hold, the party realizes that Ambrose "Fishguts" Kroop was drunk during the combat and was asleep during their party's recent take on "Manifest Destiny". Equally amazed, scared, and bewildered Ambrose informed the party that the first thing that they must do is to get the boat to a Squibbing opperation near the slithering coast. The place is run by an old friend of his, Rickety Squib, and he's able to alter the look of a ship as to better ensure anonymity. 

Eventually, the party agrees to head to Rickety's but is caught in a storm and blown off course. Run-aground and with a broken water barrel, the party is forced to explore the nameless island that has become their most recent stop in an epic adventure!

Where will they go next? How will the party escape Harrigan's Wraith? Will they continue to sail the high seas? Find out next time!


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